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    Book a Call NOW ! (Click Link Below) . Coach check Timeline Video 9th dan Certificate Images used are historical records Master Graham Healy Master Graham med-science degree video of Full timeline history of Master Graham Healy Trade Marks for Dummies Master Graham Healy Yun Jung Do Page (YJD) FIJI Chief Instructor Resignation letter Yun Jung Do Kids Flexibility Training Antibullying course Integrated Combat Solutions Healys Boxing Academy

  • Yjd Teaching Options | Commando Krav Maga Integrated Combat | Brisbane

    (TM trade marked logos of Healy's Heath) Members only Healy's Integrated self-defense Academy ( Healy's Health ABN 50-7110604-560) operates under a license agreement with Yun Jung Do but as a distinct separate business enity THE NEXT GENERATION OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL TRAINING SKILLS & DRILLS by Graham Healy STEP 1 Purchase the Set of DVD's STEP 2 Study Master Healy's videos and then Study the complementary content below by Graham Healy I have complemented the basic YJD techniques demonstrated in the DVD's /CD's with greater in depth explanations and additional layered options on how to apply each technique in real self defense situations. designed to complement the basic DVD's/CD's Master Graham med-science degree Coach check Timeline Video STEP 3 If you have done YJD before then this can refresh what you already know then I suggest you book in for a FOCUS WORKSHOP STEP 3(a) If you have NOT done YJD before then I suggest you Book in for a Beginners FOCUS WORKSHOP Sample of what the DVD's CDs are like above BEGINNERS FOCUS WORKSHOP is a 2 hour mini seminar run by Graham Healy to "get you up to speed" to learn YJD basics and fundamentals Minimum number 8 people Cost $140 each 10 people Cost $120 each contact Graham Healy or refer to EVENTS page : book 'here' Coach check Timeline Video STEP 4 What's a FOCUS WORKSHOP ? A FOCUS WORKSHOP is a 3 hour mini seminar run by Graham Healy to "get you up to speed" and back on the Yun Jung Do Express train again. Minimum number 6 people Cost $150 each 10 people Cost $100 each contact Graham Healy to book 'here' Are you a Former YJD Gray belt ? or Black Belt who hasn't been training for some time ? and you want to do the condensed version of YJD ? then a special Revision FOCUS WORKSHOP is for you ! minimum of: 4 people Cost $225 each 6 people $150 each 10 people $100 each ARE YOU A FORMER YUN JUNG DO INSTRUCTOR OR BLACK BELT LOOKING TO OPEN UP A YUN JUNG DO CLUB UNDER LICENSE ? Then the special Seminar planned for mid January 2022 is for you . This will be run by Grandmaster Yun and Senior Instructor Graham Healy will facilitate and organize in co-operation with the Grandmaster. We are planning now so if you are interested contact Graham Healy Mobile 0411393503 CONTACT ME & PUT YOUR NAME ON THE LIST ALL NAMES & CONTACT DETAILS WILL BE PRESENTED TO THE GRANDMASTER FOR CONSIDERATION in the mean time if you are not over-seas (local Brisbane -north coast -or Gold Coast areas) I suggest the FOCUS WORKSHOP OPTION IN THE MEANTIME . Master Graham med-science degree STEP 5 Follow up with the "optional extra" teaching layers taught by Instructor Graham Healy one of the original Yun Jung Do founding Instructors to complement and enrich the original basics filmed on the DVD/Cd 15 volume set . ​ ​ ​ The Journey Continues .... As one of the original Instructors of Yun Jung Do I have over 40 years of my own experience in boxing, commando krav maga and founder of my own system "Integrated combat Solutions". About 5 years ago I joined forces again with Grandmaster Yun and once again became a authorized Instructor of YJD , the difference is that I gained another 20 + years of experience now at 65 years young I have much gained experience to re-infuse into the YJD system . As the Grandmaster Says he built the frame work now it is up to the Instructors of the NEXT GENERATION to add into the system their experience and life skills. I have done a series of teaching Videos that will complement the Foundations Yun Jung Do CD series . My suggestion is to purchase the original YJD Videos and use them as your base. The videos I present here are 'skills and Drills' optional extras that I have developed over the last 20+ years . Of course there is a repeat of the Base techniques as demonstrated on the original CD's however these CD's were completed in 1997 and I have attempted to 'bridge the gap' between the original CD's and 2021 (NEXT GENERATION). Feedback is appreciated and if there are any questions please contact me or if there is any technique that you want to see in more 'detail' or if you want a techniques or aspect of YJD philosophy explained in more depth write to me and I will present that question to the Grandmaster If I cannot Answer it . The Grandmaster always has another perspective and I work in very close with him. He's a great man with so much wisdom . I hope you appreciate that we have one of the original Martial arts legends as leader of our organization . My FOCUS in 2021 is to facilitate the exponential Growth of YJD Globally and in the South Pacific nations , Its not only a great system but a complete 'way of life'. The Grandmaster is still training at 80 years young daily and I'm 65 and have never stopped my training either so he's a good example to follow. One final 'tip' make sure you review the original CD's regularly and take careful note of how the Grandmaster executes his techniques, he reminds me of a 'bear trap' that when released will destroy any attack WITH A SINGLE WELL TIMED RESPONCE , this is the technical FOCUS of YJD while the other focus is the Mind , Body and Spirit FOCUS which is actually more important to keep the whole system in balance. The Other Thing with YJD is the personal RELATIONSHIP FOCUS being non-contact and Non-competitive genuine relationships are easier to build without fear of getting hurt at training or by your training partner . This is why the Grandmaster called YJD the Human Art and not a martial arts. Graham Healy Yun Jung Do is run as a completely seperate class to other activities listed on this web site . Graham Healy is an Licenced Instructor of Yun Jung Do However all inquiries on Yun Jung Do must be directed personally to Grandmaster Yun email GM Yun here Graham Healy One of the original pioneers of Yun Jung Do personally selected by Grandmaster Yun out of 500 black belts to teach YJD more on Graham's history here: Introduction to Graham Healy's Yun Jung Do-Healy's Integrated techniques . Where you will learn to connect with the YJD CD's and add some optional practical layers that 'put it all-together' My Good Friend and pioneer of YJD Latu Leonga York Man Tul/Pattern 1993 -note this is how the patterns should be done 'maximum power' (not a rush) Latu is associate of Graham Healy and former TKD heavyweight champ of NZ (full contact) Yun Jung Do syllabus videos Yun Jung Do Programs Go to YJD Childrens Class > Graham Healy's YJD/Healy's Integrated optional 'skills & drills' videos to be populated on this page and 'open source' to all students. Grandmaster Yun demonstrating side-Piercing kink Timeline of Techniques In this Video I cover the basic 'open hand-boxing-YJD techniques' and then I start on the Basic Kick combinations that pulls the system 'altogether' in a layered flow of practical 'and proven' self defense techniques that 'really work' in the 'real world' . Note: this system is a total system of self training within itself, non contact and non competitive but as you will see EFFECTIVE the bonus is that the YJD stretching system is the ultimate REHAB SYSTEM as a bonus. So Yun Jung Do-Healy's is not all about physical training but Mind, Body & Spirit balance as well. Kicking and hand combinations 'skills & drills' Video tape (3 A) 1.43 min Grandmaster Yun interviewed re Yun Jung Do Townsville 1991 Timeline of Techniques Video (3A) the front leg raising etc . Original Yun Jung Do TV adds 1991 Graham Healy featured 1/2 turning Kick Video Tape (3B) In this Video I cover basic static warm up , Side Kick variations , 1/2 turning kick , Twist Kick etc. all designed to complement the YJD Cd's and add 'skills and drills ' into your tool box. Graham Healy has his 20+ years of mixed martial arts experience to contribute and Integrated into the system . ​ Video 3 (C) Yun Jung Do -Healy's Squats and Pushups Exercises designed to supplement the YJD Cd series by Graham Healy note: HISDA Healy's Integrated Self-defense Academy holds a YJD license, but is a separate business entity operating under license. Variations of the Side kick Timeline of Techniques #MYTH BUSTING Why 'sine waves ' used be various TKD organizations are scientifically baseless and unnatural Movements not used by any of the 'real combat arts'. The power of striking comes from the Hip twist or the projection of the shoulders (as in boxing) and the natural movement of the shoulders and hips in the process of executing an explosive power technique. The above principals are incorporated in Yun Jung Do remembering that Grandmaster Yun was the chairman of Technique of ITF Tae Kwon Do world wide and one of the original masters under General Choi (founder of ITF TKD) before he resigned in 1987 after 22 years in ITF. Grandmaster Yun never was an advocate of "sine waves" but today 2020 we find the above organizations have made a "theory" about "patterns or Tuls". These 'unscientific' theory's were left behind by Yun Jung Do in 1989 as we moved forward on a the basis of natural human movement based on the execution of explosive power "Skills and Drills". Everybody is entitled to advocate whatever "theory" however, proving the "theory" is a totally different matter . Yun Jung Do has removed "unnatural movements " out of our syllabus, in fact as we evolved out of ITF Tae kwon do Grandmaster Yun re-created the YJD Patters or Tuls in a simplified form taking out any of the non-sensical movements that he used to teach in ITF Tae Kwon Do . The reason he did this, is not only was he the former chairman of technique of ITF TKD, he was there when General Choi actually designed the original ITF patterns and much of the movements were designed to "fit" the Korean philosophy of General Choi (actual historical calligraphy) more then be of any practical self-defenses applications within the pattern itself . Under the direction of General Choi Grandmaster Yun and Grandmaster Park Jung Tae had to follow another pattern designed in honor of the North Korean president ? while this is, I suppose , philosophically interesting , it had little to do with a direct self defense applications , rather then the practitioner actually tracing out the Korean calligraphy (written by General Choi) in the form of a human martial arts pattern of tul. This is why Grandmaster Yun created Yun Jung Do as he was 'sick and tired' of teaching what he knew on many fronts was simply 'philosophical' forms or patterns-Tuls. So in Yung Jung Do the focus is not on patterns as such but the 'component skills and drills' that must be trained thousands of times in practical self-defense combinations . Anybody who has trained under Grandmaster Yun knew his speed and strike power was exceptional , this is why I resigned from ITF and followed GM Yun , I wanted to follow a genuine authentic Grandmaster who could deliver and practice what he preached . I was not interested in Korean politics , however interesting that was historically. Today 2020-21 YOU have a choice to join the NEW GENERATION of Yun JUNG DO spearheaded by Grandmaster Yun and senior Instructor Graham Healy . Or as Albert Einstein said repeating the same 'historical' thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of Insanity. My personal point of view is this "anything I teach I can apply in the real world" in real self-defense situations and have done on many occasions , I do not what to waste my time on miscellaneous non effective patterns, but prefer to focus on the SKILLS & DRILLS and EXPLOSIVE POWER Techniques and that's exactly what we do in Yun Jung Do -Healy's Integrated Self-defense academy. Plus we are FOCUSING on Personal Development of the Individual in Mind , Body and Spirit Which is UNIVERSAL APPLYING TO ALL PEOPLE and ALL NATIONS GLOBALLY We are building the NEXT GENERATION why don't you Join Us ? Graham Healy Original YJD TV adds 1991 Grandmaster Yun featured Video 4 part 1 (27 dec 2020). Timeline of Techniques Video 4 part 2 (27 dec 2020). Timeline of Techniques Videos 5 in this series Close up and personal examination of practical self defense moves, choke holds , wrist grabs, and how to avoid take downs etc ALL THE INTRICATE DETAIL OF HOW TO NEUTRALIZE ALL OF THE ABOVE Original YJD TV adds 1991 Grandmaster Yun featured Graham Healy & Allan Healy Win TV studios ISDA Seminar 2004 Timeline of Techniques Video Tape Number 5 in the YJD-HISDA video series Where Graham Healy teaches you additional Skills & Drills to add to your tool box and to complement the original JYD basic Cd's . In the philosophy of Bruce Lee we absorb what is useful and disregard the rest . These techniques are tried and tested and guaranteed to work and be applied in the "real world" Graham Healy has over 40 years of Martial arts , Krav maga and boxing experience and has INTEGRATED and EVOLVED much of what you see taught here . Special Guest partner is Black Belt Joel Roberts helping Graham Healy . Joel Roberts has been trained by Graham Healy for over 8 years . Video Tape Number 5 Graham Healy and Joel Roberts how the YJD-HISDA system merges together and how to INTEGRATE THE SYSTEM at the end of the day you need a modelized system that is easy to use and remember so that in practice its quick and effective ​ Videos to come Options to YJD BASIC DEFENCE Not all attacks are a 'reverse punch' Here Graham Healy will teach you how to neutralize. *Straight left attacks , Right cross, Swinging hooks avoid and counter all different kick attacks and immediately respond with the counter attack or pre-emptive responce Videos to come YJD SYLLABUS BELT LEVEL BY BELT LEVEL Graham Healy's INTEGRATED SYSTEM I will add to the above videos and break the system down with full verbal explanations using the original CD's as the base I will build a virtual training back up system so you can (1) watch the original Cd's (2) Attend EXPRESS LANE WORKSHOPS (3) Train at Home to re-enforce the regular classes Or revise the system and your techniques continuously IN PERSUIT OF PERFECTION GH below is the link to the YJD members only tuition pages were a series of key videos on the various levels yellow belt to Gray belt broken down techniques with full 'how to' explanations. This is designed to back up normal training , the Express lane workshops and the YJD CD's Back to Top Members only Members only Videos to come Basic Jumping, skipping and dodging kicks . Ok I'm 65 years young I will demonstrate some basic jump kicks But the younger practitioners can do this better then me HOWEVER RULE 432 is "Never underestimate a 65 year old Ha! Ha! and to prove it here is me doing jump side & Back Kicks a few years back before I rejoined YJD (note: on punching bag verses 'in the air') Here is a sample of the various workshops and seminars and highlights of various techniques that I have taught over the years hope you enjoy Graham Healy Here is a sample of the various workshops and seminars and highlights of various techniques that I have taught over the years hope you enjoy Graham Healy Here is a sample of the various workshops and seminars and highlights of various techniques that I have taught over the years hope you enjoy Graham Healy Here is a sample of the various workshops and seminars and highlights of various techniques that I have taught over the years hope you enjoy Graham Healy Here is a sample of the various workshops and seminars and highlights of various techniques that I have taught over the years hope you enjoy Graham Healy Here is a sample of the various workshops and seminars and highlights of various techniques that I have taught over the years hope you enjoy Graham Healy Videos to come how to Counter any attack Kick, Punch, take to ground tackles etc ALL SCENARIOS THE NEXT GENERATION THE NEXT GENERATION < Go to Pay Pal YJD Express Lane

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    Yun Jung Do is run as a completly seperate class from other activities listed on this web site Healy's Integrated self-defense Academy ( Healy's Health ABN 50-7110604-560) operates under these trade marks I have Created these EXPRESS LANE WORKSHOPS for 2 reasons: (1) for former YJD Gray belts and black belts and senior students wishing to revise the YJD system and get back "up to speed' (due to inactivity ) (2) For Students who wish to re-enforce technique and wish to participate in a concentrated form of training that puts it altogether. EXPRESS LANE WORKSHOPS & ADDITIONAL TRAINING SKILLS & DRILLS by Graham Healy Events TIME FORMAT & DURATION 4 HOURS EXPRESS LANE WORKSHOP What I have done is modularized the YJD techniques into compact practical skills & drills. For example I have combined all the elbow strikes into a succinct module that extracts all the elbow striking techniques from level 1 to 10 into a group of practical techniques that you can practice as a unit unto itself . MODULARIZED YUN JUNG DO SKILLS & DRILLS SCHEDULE GO TO EVENTS PAGE TO RSVP Start 1pm on a Saturday (dates to be advised ) 30 minutes warm up stretching etc. 1.30pm to 3.30pm (2 hrs ) beginners level (Beginners section is complete at 3.30pm) _____________________ 3.30pm - 5.30pm (2 hrs ) Gray belts, Black belts and seniors (advanced section) (Advanced section is complete at 5.30pm ) _____________________ After 5.30 pm ? 6.30 pm "Yum Cha" at favorite restaurant to debrief. ________________________ I have modularized and condensed the YJD skills & drills into UNITS examples are : all the boxing skills & drills in a universal Unit all the elbow and knee defense in a Universal Unit all the essential key kicks & hand foot combinations in a universal Unit The 7 versions of Side Kick The key DNA element out of every patter (Tul) Key practical application to every move Key counter to every conceivable attack See (e) learning page to UNLOCK MORE COST ? YOU MUST PREBOOK and register on this web site Go to EVENTS PAGE to RSVP Beginners or to first stage of workshop only (1pm to 3.30pm ) (includes warm up 30 min) 2 hrs. to conclude at 3.30pm $50 (min numbers 10 people) $60 (under 10 people) ( * Note Family and Student rates apply on application) ______________________________________ 3.30pm to 5.30pm (Gray belts, Black belts , & seniors) $70 (min number 8 people) $80 (under 8 people) ( * Note Family and Student rates apply on application) _______________________________________ Deal to Do the total 4 hours : The big overview revision of the whole system . 4 hrs. from start to finish (1pm to 5.30pm) $120 (min 10 people) $100 (if paid 7 days prior) $140 (under 10 people) $120 (if paid 7 days prior ) Events Events Plans YES SOUNDS GOOD TO ME LETS GO TO THE EVENTS PAGE & REGISTER THE NEXT GENERATION THE NEXT GENERATION (e) Learning options YJD Teaching Options

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