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Established in 2006 Urban Muscle set out to change the supplement industry by offering a ground breaking range of premium supplements dedicated to the science of elite sports nutrition. 

Urban Muscle takes great pride in only releasing class leading supplements to the market. Whether you're into General Training, Bodybuilding, CrossFit, Sports, Athletics or any other physical activity, try our supplements today to see and feel the difference Urban Muscle premium supplements can make.

​All of our products are synergistically designed to be taken in conjunction with each other, using research tested doses of clinically proven ingredients with all the necessary government approvals, as well as being completely legal to use in all sporting applications (ASADA & WADA safe). Push your body further than you could possibly imagine with Urban Muscle as your training partner.


Urban Muscle Premium Supplements are designed and manufactured under a strict quality controlled environment with only the purest ingredients. The end result is an industry leading range.

Urban Muscle Range Exclusive to Healys

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