Yun Jung Do is run as a completly seperate class from other activities listed on this web site 
Yun Jung Do is run as a completly seperate class from other activities listed on this web site 

The Buy Now tab enables you to pay the total amount due in one payment. This will also generate a comfirmation receipt email.

The donate tab enables you to
make monthly part-payments.

.Payment system :

Direct transfer to :

Healys Health
BSB 084-263
ACC 48-163-7810

(receipts and tax-invoices given upon request.)

(email or sms confirmation of any payments (Diret transfer or pay pal)  must be received prior to visit passes being issued.
Sms: Graham Healy Mob 0411-393-503

This way you can pay by any credit card or direct with pay pal and set the amount in monthly installments if mutually agreed with Healys Health via email  confirmation & sms.

Sms: graham Healy Mob 0411-393-503

Pay Pal payments

You can pay via pay-pal
direct on our web-site .
This enables you to use credit cards via the pay pal system.
(any part payments or split-payments must be approved before hand)

Pay Pal Payments
pre-payment on pay-pal must be received and funds cleared before the issuing of Training Cards (Visit passes)

* regarding FREE UNIFORM only available on the 20 visit pass, we must recieve height (for sizes) family deal is 2 Free and 50% off thereafter 
(in other words say a family of 4 people = 2 free uniforms plus 2 @ 50% off = $30x 2 = $60 total of 4 uniforms)
*Coloured Belts not included normally $10
*YJD badges $5 , 
*Black belts $20 
*Embroidered Grey belts $30 
*T-shirts $30 ( heavy duty cotton)
only provided upon full payment of 20 visit pass and a once only deal, therafter regular uniform prices apply , however there may be discounts on purchase of more then one uniform at a time (please contact Graham Healy) 
all Free Uniform deals must be confirmed by email with receipt of 20 visit pass payment.
email to Graham Healy @
Mobile 0411-393-503

Contact: Graham Healy Mobile 0411393503

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