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Martial Arts Mind Body Spirit Challenge

Martial Arts Mind Body Spirit Challenge

Yun Jung Do martial arts

EMPOWERMENT TO RUN YOUR OWN LEGALLY LICENCED MARTIAL ARTS BUSINESS, ATO(Australian Tax Office) compliant and be part of our structure where YOU are the Winner !

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GONE ARE THE DAYS when the above practices were the 'Norm' a martial arts has to be fully professional in philosophy and practice, not only is the Instructor and Master responsible for 'teaching the martial art' but also responsible for safe-training practices,risk management, and Integrity of and Legal business model of operation.

Untited Martial Arts Academy  Provides a Licensed Platform for Instructors to obtain not only true martial arts recognition but also provides a 

  • nationally recognized Education Platform and a

  • ​Integrity based legally structured business platform
    so you do not have to worry about 'always looking over your shoulder' and listening to  advice from unqualified people.

Master Graham Healy  has 'seen it all' over the last 30 years and in partnership with Robert Phillips have created the FUTURE OF MARTIAL ARTS for the Integrity based Instructors  to be part United martial Arts Academy , that is designed to EMPOWER YOU , not leave you in the dark and fed on the proverbal BS , believe me we 'understand' the plight of the 'Good hearted' Integrity based Martial Arts Instructor who puts his/her 'students first' and genuinely believes in the martial arts code of ethics of Integrity and honor , we are here to empower YOU , most other martial arts systems  are what I call a martial arts 'ponzi' scheme ' set up to DISEMPOWER YOU, filter money to the 'top of the triangle' (usually illegally) operating on 'empty' promises of 'promotions' that never come , and the deceptive goal or image of the 'illuminati'  or all  'seeing' 'Master at the top of the triangle' of the martial arts
ponzi scheme.

20 years later all that is missing is 'cash' out of your wallet,and and a lot of your valuable time (for Free) ,in exchange for non-acheivable goals ,and being kept in the dark and fed on B.S., and if you 'rock the boat' your are 'excommunicated'  from this 'Cult like structure' in an atmosphere of 'fear and control' sound familiar ? Well United Martial Arts Academy is here to 'set you FREE'.



United Martial Arts Academy License
All Integrity based Instructors want to:
(a) to run their own business
(b) Martial arts Recognition
(c) Education
(d) on going genuine support 
The UMAA supplies all of the above both from an historical martial arts perspective, and from a Nationally recognized education perspective, and from a sound Legal business structure perspective. 

The United Martial Arts Academy License protects YOU in a mutually benificial agreement to operate your business under a Licensed
'Legal umbrella' and 'Business structure' that complies with the statute laws of Australia and also satisfies the ATO Australian Tax Office requirements guidelines.

United Martial Arts Academy operates a fully transparent operation with no 'hidden agendas' and the United Martial Arts Academy License Agreement give YOU clear operation Guidelines.


IMaster Graham Healy has combined nationally recognised teaching qualifications with martial arts recognition.
Many martial arts clubs have Instructors that are not qualified to teach from a nationally recognised sports-coaching and fitness perspective.
This can lead to unsafe-training practices, risk-management issues and breaches of duty of care that can open the door to litigation.
Some martial arts clubs participate in a 'sub-cult' of questionable business practices and methods of operation that skirt the law including the handling of cash, no clear defined terms of engagement with no clear levels of an integrity based business practice.
These practices can leave martial arts clubs exposed to taxation audits and negligence actions where the lines of responsibility and accountability can be traced from student to Instructor and eventually to the Master (who is ultimately responsible for the business, and education and martial arts structure). 


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