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HISDA T-shirt 
Healy's Integrated Self-defence Academy 
Graham Healy is founder the Chinese symbol 'WARR' on the shirts means "Peace and harmony brings prosperity" Graham was the founder of HISDA in 2000.
He was also the president of ISDA International self-defence association.
Graham wears many hats and students of Yun Jung Do (of which Graham is a founding Instructor) recieve parrallel qualifications under the HISDA banner.
Graham Also condicts seperate boxing 'skills and drills' classes /workshops 
and Integrated Combat Classes (AKA commando krav maga) 
So a Student studying under Master Graham Healy comes under a fully INTEGRATED SYSTEM 
1) The base of Yun JUNG DO under Grandmaster Yun (Master Graham Healy chief Instructor)
2) Healys Boxing system Under Master Graham Healy
3)Integrated Combat Solutions under Master Graham Healy 
The objective is to make a completely INTEGRATED Self-defense student in THE WAY of Bruce Lee in :absorbing what is usefull and disregarding the rest" .GH

HISDA Healy's Self Defense Academy

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