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*10 week blocks or Terms can be organized for maximum groups of 10 of committed individuals who want real outcomes & Real Skills

3 hrs Intensive $99 (Book here)

 Next 10 week course Started Monday 20 July to 28 Sep 2020 
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Please Listen to Above video by Graham Healy


(over 100 rounds fired into the shield/back or front pack and hardly marked the back shield, designed by security expert Ray Mancini
10 months designing now available in Australia ! )

👉 Gun & especially knife hold ups & crime is a almost daily occurrence in Australia, home INVASIONS are becoming a daily events !

👉you can use the bullet/knife proof back back as a self defence tool, as in Australia you cannot carry weapons for personal self defence, but this tool is a defensive tool and can be used like a shield to protect you or your loved ones 

👉I suggest you also learn some basic self defence at our classes by Graham Healy to complement the bullet/knife proof back back 
and learn how to use the tool as a self defence shield. again a criminal attack.
self defence classes Brisbane here:


Email for purchase inq?

3 hrs Intensive $99 (Book here)

Gun Disarming Syllabus

The Problem today is everybody is claiming to be an "Expert" Much of what they teach is Illegal in Australia and in conflict with Australia Law of "proportionate response" Crim code 1899
Graham has 40 years of hard earned experience in Boxing, Tae kwon Do,Yun Jung Do,CKM under authentic Masters and has developed a completely modularized 'user friendly' Education system. Graham is a Qualified TAFE Teacher,Sports Coach,Master Personal Trainer and
8th Dan Master of Martial Arts ,He is also currently studying to be a Doctor of Chiropractic which gives him a very in depth understanding of the anatomy,Biomechanics,Neural systems of the body.
The Classes are very LIGHT & FRIENDLY and INSTRUCTIONAL,in a caring learning family Atmosphere with small numbers .    



Healy's Commando Krav Maga Evolution and History.

In the begining the foundation was boxing with Bert Healy Snr and Bert Healy Jnr then the two first generation ITF masters Chong Chul Rhee and Young Ku Yun then Commando Krav Maga with Moni Aizik. This was a distilling process where Graham Healy spent over 40 years from the age of 14 in Boxing to current age 56 and still refining the system from the mentors that he had in his career. The photo on this page gives you a flow chart of who Graham was involved with and why the foundations upon which he developed the Healy's system which was tried and tested over a long period of time. In the true spirit of the late and great Bruce Lee "absorb whats useful disregard the rest" Graham has done that without political involvement and is now well recognised as a person who follows the true spirit of martial arts and develops what he believes is a realistic system through personal experience and dedication over time. Graham believes that any system must be tried and tested and to this day is still refining the Healy's Freestyle Tae Kwon-Do and Boxing Academy System and continues to "sharpen the samurai sword" in pursuit of perfection.

The system involves several attack and defense zones.

1. Long Range = Tae Kwon-Do Kicks such as side and
     back kicks and spinning and jumping kicks.

2. Mid Range = Boxing Techniques (bare handed) 

3. Mid to Close Range = Kickboxing Techniques

4. Close Range = Commando Krav Maga Techniques

The Healy's System can seemlessly integrate between
ranges 1 to 4 to acheive this Graham Healy has spent the

appropriate time in each zone to perfect what he believes
is the ultimate self defence system however in saying that
continues to fine tune and tweak the system.




Graham Healy was the first instructor to bring Moni Aizik (founder of CKM) to Australian shores in 2007.
Moni promoted Graham to national director of CKM upon realising Graham's organisational ability and Graham commenced to spread the CKM word across the nation in all capital city's. 

Graham as an 8th Dan Master in his own right then decided to create Healy's Commando Krav Maga as a practical unique version of the orginal CKM.

Graham now totally integrates Boxing, Tae Kwon-Do, Kick Boxing and CKM into a seemless system as described above.

Graham believes that one must have served the appropriate time in each particular art to be able to extract the essence of that art and mobilise it into a practical form. This is in the true spirit of the late and great Bruce Lee and Japan's greatest samurai Miyamoto Musashi.


Graham Healy in Action
Moral Justice,Law and Order
PCYC INALA classes starting 2017

Workshops are 3 hrs duration (usually SAT 2pm-5pm)
and they cover the Overview 'putting-it-all-together'
of Syllabus through
the ' 3 pillars' of Boxing, Kicks and HCKM/ICS

Not many systems can INTEGRATE all 3 successfully! .

Graham Healy has spent over 40 years 
as a Boxer,TKD Master,and Practical Self Defence Expert

teaching Police,Prison wardens,Soldiers,Security Guards,
and Civilian Family's,Men, Women & Young Adults 
His Understanding of Proportionate Legal Responce,Moral Ethics and Integrity as Second to None,this coupled with his co-director and former Professional Soldier, now Lawyer, Robert Phillips
makes for a SAFE,HAPPY & LEGALLY AWARE Class Atmosphere, where 'Technical Excellence' is the Theme..

Where Personal Security/Self-Defense is More Relevant
TODAY than Ever Before !  

Ring 000 in Australia 

Black Belt Hero Foils Armed Robbery
Integrated Combat Solutions/Commando Krav Maga Australia

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Gun Disarming Syllabus

We teach Gun disarming ! 
click the above image/link to our 
Gun disarming Syllabus & (e) Learning  

Graham Healy 1985 do you wish to

be Instructed by a 'Real World'
Experienced Instructor ?

Commando Krav Maga Australia/Fit For Christ Ministries

Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm clearly explains the situation in Australia regarding Self-defence 

Unfortunately many Martial Arts organizations operate illegally on several fronts :
1)Not legally registered in Australia with ABN or ACN,participating in the criminal activity of  Laundering of Cash monies,domestically and internationally. 
2)So called "Masters" visiting from overseas enter Australia on Visitors Visa's and are Paid CASH (in hand) or take payments over the internet to their foreign controlled web sites therefore laundering money and not paying TAX in Australia this is a CRIMINAL ACTIVITY in fact amounts in excess of $10,000 aud fall under the Terriorsm act  
https://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/C2013C00371 INTEGRITY? sadly missing on all fronts and do YOU wish to be involved with such organizations ?


3)Proportionate responces? is NOT TAUGHT in most self-defence schools the legal AWARENESS of 'proportionate responces',risk management and 'criminal negligance' and student 'duty of care' is in most cases non-existant,Classes are conducted by those who 'claim to be qualified' yet know 'nothing of this context'
4)Belonging to 'so called' international organizations (not resident in Australia with ABN or ACN) the majority of these 'organizations' fall into the above category and mean 'ABSOLUTELY NOTHING' within the legal frame work of Australia,visiting 'Masters' or 'Instructors' normally fall into category (1) and (2)
5) So called Commando's or Military 'Experts'?  Suddenly 'everybody' on the Internet is 'a Commando' ? the reality is very few are 'genuine Commando's' and Military service DOES NOT mean you have been in the SAS or Commando divisions and even if somebody is a 'genuine Commando' the application of 'War Zone military techniques' are not legally compliant in civillian use there is a vast difference between a war zone in the middle east and the night club in Australia and the context of this disclaimer must be applied in a civilian context with the applicable Australian legal framework as described in this text.   

WARNING: Integrated Combat Solutions teaches with full knowledge and application  of all of 'the above' we have our own 'legal department' and qualified Lawyer as co-director therfore Parents,students,and clients can be confident that UMASD PTY. LTD ABN 52 167 471 123 and consulting entity Healy's Health ABN 50 711 604 560 comply with all the AUSTRALIAN laws (criminal Code Act 1899, and Anti-terrorism and money laundering Act 2006,)
We operate with  INTEGRITY on every level ,ATO compliant,Legally registered business entities,full awareness of duty of care,negligance,proportionate self-defense applications & awareness of anti terrorism and money laundering laws,we have nationally recognized teaching qualifications in fitness & sports coaching.



Contact: Graham Healy Mobile 0411393503

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