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Taurine and your liver Taurine combines with cholic acid in the body to form an important bile salt (taurocholic acid). Taurocholic acid is responsible for removing cholesterol by-products from the bloodstream.
A healthy bile production system helps our liver remove many other toxins and waste products from our blood. Taurine also has an antioxidant effect in the liver, assisting to nullify various free radicals that can damage our cells.
These radicals include chlorides, chlorites and the aldehydes formed after indulgence in alcoholic drinks.
In patients with ascites associated with cirrhosis Taurine has a beneficial diuretic effect.
Taurine is useful in other consequences of cirrhosis including muscle cramps and encephalopathy. Fatty liver in children has also been treated successfully using Taurine
Dose 1/2 Teaspoon daily 

Full reference download HERE


Taurine amino acid (150 grms)

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