Yun Jung Do is run as a completely separate class from other activities listed on this web site
*Family Safe & Friendly *Non Competitive* Non Contact *Train at your own pace * 


Martial Arts Mind Body Spirit Challenge

Martial Arts Mind Body Spirit Challenge

Yun Jung Do martial arts

Healy's Integrated self-defense Academy ( Healy's Health ABN 50-7110604-560)  operates under a license agreement with  Yun Jung Do but as a distinct separate business entity



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Yun Jung Do is the culmination of a lifetime of martial arts experience, research and knowledge,
by its Founder, Grandmaster Y. K. Yun.


Grandmaster Yun 

Special Promotion Gala Dinner with

ITF October 2021 
(Short version)

Grandmaster Yun 

Special Promotion Gala Dinner with

ITF October 2021 
(Long  version)

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"The Greatest Rival you will ever meet is Yourself"


    Young  Ku  Yun       founder  Yun Jung Do

World Headquarters web site

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Yun Jung Do 
The Art & Philosophy 

by Grandmaster Young Ku Yun 9th Dan

Graham Healy 
One of the original pioneers of Yun Jung Do
personally selected by Grandmaster Yun
out of 500 black belts to teach YJD   
more on Graham's history here:
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Grandmaster Yun
Notice Board

Original footage of GM Yun 1993
Graham Healy

founding Instructor Yun Jung Do 

Graham Healy and Grandmaster Yun
signing autographs.

Yun Jung Do is the art of total human development.

It is a carefully planned program that goes beyond the traditional and merely physical boundaries of a martial art.

Yun Jung Do is an art form that provides a true philosophical base – one that emphasizes continual self-cultivation and refinement of the mind, body and spirit.

Yun Jung Do has been developed to meet the needs of today’s practitioners and sets new standards as a “Human Art”.

Yun Jung Do focuses on the individual as an intellectual human being with a strong desire to improve the quality of one’s life.

Yun Jung Do is based on Grandmaster Yun’s martial arts experience spanning an entire lifetime.

Yun Jung Do is an art that is based on the ultimate goal to continuously strive to develop the positive qualities within each of us.

This includes self-discipline, patience, confidence, compassion, humility, inner calm, and consistent motivation through a developed positive mental attitude, thus, is an art that appeals to men, women and children of all ages.

From a technical viewpoint, Yun Jung Do’s physical aspects are also very important. It is the only system to effectively combine modern scientific principles with traditional teachings to produce a unique blend of old and new.

These sample videos give you an idea of the YJD stretching system and a sample of the training syllabus. You can purchase these videos as a training aid (it won't replace personal instruction by an authorised Instructor) however, will give you a reference of the Grandmaster himself performing the YJD techniques.
clicking the links above will take you through to: 
World Headquaters web site 

Great News pending re-opening of Yun Jung Do classes at World Headquarters 
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Yun Jung Do Senior Instructor
Graham Healy 
Is currently negotiating 

YJD classes at 
World HQ 
Tue & Thur 7.30-9pm 
We will keep you posted 

The Iconic Famous Side Kick


Granmaster yun 

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The Deal will be:
you will have to be a member of Goodlife Health Club @$15.29 per week  
You will join Yun Jung Do class as an optional extra through our Visit pass system @ $10 per visit average
This way you have the best of both worlds a basic membership to a world class health centre and another visit pass to a world class martial art class Yun Jung Do .
My plan is to bring the Grandmaster with me to some of the classes 
Graham Healy "building the NEW GENERATION" in 2021.